Parkway Tree Replacement Program

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Through its long-running Parkway Tree Program, the Village of Bartlett has planted trees with the help of homeowners in an effort to reforest and diversify Bartlett’s parkways. This 50/50 shared program provides the opportunity for residents to select and purchase a parkway tree, with the Village sharing in 50 percent of the cost.

The deadline for ordering trees through the 50/50 program for Spring 2020 planting was April 27, 2020. Please check back at the end of summer 2020 to see information for fall planting.


The Village does allow homeowners to plant trees in the parkway themselves. However, a permit must be filled out and approved by the Village arborist. The tree must be planted by a licensed contractor, and the homeowner is responsible for the entire cost of the tree and installation; there is no cost sharing with the Village. The permit can be found below.

Tree Planting in right-of-Way Permit