Gas Pipeline Easements

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Kinder Morgan (comprised of five business segments – Natural Gas Pipelines, Products Pipelines, CO2, Terminals and Kinder Morgan Canada) is one of the largest pipeline transportation and energy storage companies in North America with approximately 37,000 miles of pipelines, including many throughout Bartlett. It transports, stores and handles energy products like natural gas, refined petroleum products, crude oil, ethanol, coal and carbon dioxide (CO2). These products are essential for generating electricity, heating homes, powering cars and much more.

Kinder Morgan relies on those living and working near our pipeline to help protect it by notifying the company regarding potential damage or right-of-way issues.

The right-of-way is the land over and around the pipeline, typically 25 feet on either side of the pipeline in which both Kinder Morgan and the landowner have a legal interest. However, to protect the pipeline from damage there are restrictions which prohibit certain usage of this area. Unauthorized uses typically include the placement of buildings or structures or the planting of trees and shrubs, which might interfere with the safe operation of the pipeline. Unauthorized use is known as encroachment.

Kinder Morgan’s right-of-way agreements are negotiated individually with each landowner; therefore, right-of-way widths and terms of agreement may vary with each individual property. A change in property ownership does not alter the right-of-way agreement. Landowners may obtain a copy of their easement agreement from their local county courthouse.

Kinder Morgan personnel make reasonable efforts to contact landowners prior to entering private property for right-of-way patrols or maintenance activities. All Kinder Morgan personnel are clearly identified as company employees.

The company appreciates your assistance with right-of-way maintenance. If you have questions about Kinder Morgan’s right-of-way or upcoming maintenance activities, submit them online or contact your local Kinder Morgan representative, 815-272-9136.