Railroad Crossings in Bartlett - RR Contact Information

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How Do I Report Malfunctioning Gates & Warning Signals? 

RR report emergency sign

To report malfunctioning railroad crossing gates or warning signals, locate the information sign most commonly affixed to the crossing gate post and take note of the telephone number (number will vary depending on the RR that has jurisdiction for the crossing) and Department of Transportation (DOT) crossing inventory number. Call the phone number displayed on the sign and provide the following information, if available:

Street/highway name
Nearest city/town
~ DOT Number (if available) - Note: the DOT number is a six digit number with an alpha character at the end (Ex.: 999 999A) and is found on the blue sign mounted on the crossbuck post for a passive crossing: it may be found on either the signal mast and/or signal cabin.

A maintenance crew will be dispatched immediately to the correct site anytime of the day. Calling emergency services at 9-1-1 is always an option as well. 

CN Railroad

Canadian National Railroad has a Public Inquiry telephone line that is available to Bartlett residents who may have questions or concerns related to the company's trains traveling through the Village. Residents can call 1-888-888-5909 or by email at contact@cn.ca. Reporting to CN by phone or email triggers an internal reporting and tracking measure that ensures that issues will be logged in and followed-up upon.