Be a Hydrant Hero - Volunteer to Keep It Clear

The Village of Bartlett with the Bartlett Fire Protection District is launching a new safety program and needs your help! In the winter months heavy snowfall often buries fire hydrants, making it difficult for firefighters to locate and access them during an emergency, when every second counts! The Village and Fire Protection District is asking residents and other community members to sign up and Adopt a Hydrant to help keep Bartlett safe. 

Participation in the Adopt-A-Hydrant program involves the following:

~ making sure the adopted fire hydrant is clearly visible from the street
~ keeping the fire hydrant free of snow and ice with clearances of at least 3 feet all around the hydrant.
~ keeping the hydrant free of grass, weeds and debris with clearances of at least 3 feet all around the hydrant.

~for a video tutorial on how to adopt, click here.

How to Adopt

1. Visit the Adopt A Hydrant program application & map using the link at right above. This will open a new window/tab to the application.
2. Enter an email address above the Login/Sign Up field and sign up if you are new or login if you are a returning user. If you are a new user, fill out the information asked and click the "Sign Up" button.
3. Once signed up, you will receive a login link via email. Click the link to access the Adopt-a-Hydrant interactive map.
4. Next, select a hydrant close to your home or business for convenience. A green icon indicates adopted hydrants and a red icon indicates available hydrants. If you like, you can name your hydrant. Have fun with this, but please be appropriate and respectful! 
5. After you name your hydrant, hit the "adopt" button.

Throughout your participation in the program, hydrant heroes are encouraged to check their emails regularly, especially after a snow event, and use the Adopt-a-Hydrant application (map) to report whenever you have cleared your hydrant after a snowfall. If you decide you no longer want to participate in the program, simply sign in to the application, select the hydrant and click the check mark next to "Abandon."

Your Safety is Important!

Please ONLY shovel your hydrant if the conditions are safe to do so. You should be sure that you are completely visible and not in danger of being struck by a passing vehicle when working near the roadway. Also be sure that you are physically able to clear the hydrant. You should NEVER put your safety or health in jeopardy when shoveling the hydrants.

If you are unable to shovel your hydrant due to health reasons, etc., attempt to educate your neighbors about the "Adopt a Hydrant" program and ask them for assistance. If you have a neighbor who is elderly or who otherwise cannot shovel a fire hydrant, please volunteer to help shovel the hydrant near their property.

When shoveling a fire hydrant, remember the "3 rules for 3 feet":

1. Access: When the fire district uses a hydrant, the "hydrant person" grabs the bag with tools, adapters and a large supply hose that will get the water to the pumper. Having clear access to the hydrant reduces the time spent locating a buried hydrant or digging to get enough room to work.
2. Room to Work: When attaching adapters and "charging" or turning on the hydrant, tools have a tendency to fall and/or get lost in the snow. Three feet of clearance in all directions provides sufficient room for the firefighter to connect to the hydrant without losing equipment in the snow. 
 3. Safety: You may ask, "Why do I need to shovel the back of the hydrant?" When "charging" or turning on the hydrant, for safety reasons, the hydrant person MUST stand behind the hydrant. The hydrant person MUST NEVER stand in front of the hydrant or to the side of the hydrant. If a hydrant cap, coupling or adapter is not securely affixed or becomes damaged, the water pressure could blow the cap, coupling or adapter off, causing injury to the hydrant person. Once again, having complete clearance around the hydrant (front, both sides and BACK) is vital for proper and safe operations.

Hydrant with 3-feet