Auto Pay for Water Bill

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The Village of Bartlett offers an Automatic Bill Payment Service for water and sewer customers. You can have your monthly water and sewer bill payment automatically  deducted from your checking or savings account.

No more late payments!
No more checks!
No more postage!

From what types of accounts can payment be made?
You can specify your checking or savings account at any bank, savings and loan, or credit union that offers automatic payment. Most financial institutions do, but you may wish to call yours to confirm.

How do I know the amount of my bill and the payment date?
You will continue to receive your monthly bill showing your water consumption and the date and amount of your payment. The payment will appear on your bank account statement.

How will I know my bill will be paid automatically?
“Auto Pay” will be printed above amount due if the account is set up for automatic payment.

What if I disagree with a bill?
Call the Village at least five days before the due date on your bill. After this time, the Village cannot adjust the charge amount. Any discrepancies will be corrected on the next billing cycle.

What if I do not have sufficient funds on the payment date?
It would be just the same as if you had written a check without sufficient funds and the bill will not be paid. A $10 fee will be assessed in addition to late payment penalties. In addition, you will be subject to the Village’s standard collection policy for nonpayment of water and sewer bills.

Participating is easy! Simply fill out the authorization form and return it to the Village with a voided check. Please allow two billing cycles for the automatic deduction to begin.

The Automatic Bill Payment Service is a free service offered by the Village of Bartlett. However, some financial institutions may charge their customers a fee for automatic payments. Call your institution to inquire.