Garage Sale Information

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During COVID-19 pandemic all garage sales must enforce the guidelines set forth by the state of Illinois’ “Restore Illinois” Plan. During Phase 3, anyone hosting a garage sale MUST:

• Limit number of people at one garage sale to 10 or fewer people
• Require face coverings by everyone in attendance
• Maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet


Village of Bartlett no longer requires permits for residential garage sales. However residents must follow these regulations:


  • Garage Sales may only operate between the 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • A garage sale may be conducted for a maximum of three consecutive days.
  • No sign shall be posted within the public right of way** or on any Bartlett street or thoroughfare, or on any signpost, utility pole or tree.
  • No more than two garage sale signs which advertise a residential garage sale may be used provided that: 1. Such signs do not exceed six (6) square feet each. 2. Signs are located with no more than one sign per lot of frontage either on the premises conducting the sale or on other private property with that property owner's permission.
  • Signs are only in place while the garage sale is actually taking place       

**The Public Right of Way is described as the area from the sidewalk to the curb, approximately 15 feet, anywhere in Bartlett, also as any street, street corner, all boulevards, all street sign posts, or light poles, etc. It also includes vacant lots unless otherwise noted. Note, it is also illegal to place a sign in a car parked in the right-of-way. Such cars will be ticketed.                                                     
Note: Failure to comply with regulations of the Bartlett Municipal Code (Sign Regulations) is subject to fines of not less than $10.00 nor more than $50.00.