New Police Facility

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April 2018 -- The first of two phases in the construction of the new Bartlett Police facility is nearing completion. Police department personnel is expected to move into the new building at the end of May 2018 as scheduled and work will begin on phase two. The entire project is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2018.

Use the link below to see some construction photos from the project.

New Police Facility Construction 2017 - 2018

Frederick Quinn Corporation (FQC) is the construction manager for the police facility project, which has an expected duration through fall of 2018.

In an effort to be good neighbors during the construction, FQC is promising to:

~ minimize impact on residents
~ respect the neighborhood
~ clean up construction mess

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact FQC project manager Jeffrey Field, 630-628-8500 or

April 2017 -- More than 900 visitors came to the Bartlett Police Department Open House on April 2 and toured the station, where police department personnel carry out their mission to “serve with care and protect with confidence.” Attendees to this annual event got a “behind-the-scenes” look at the daily work space of the 57 officers and 20 non-sworn police employees that serve Village residents. They got to see everything from the chief’s office to the shooting range to booking and lockup to the garage space that houses police squad cars and specialty vehicles.

But there are some things that visitors probably didn't notice during the open house: 


• The 22,900 square foot police facility was built to accommodate 40 employees back in 1990, now holding almost twice the number of employees (77) without expanding.
• A Police Facility Space Needs Analysis & Facility Evaluation & Options Study shows the recommended size of the facility is 53,490 square feet to accommodate the current staff and predicted future growth.
• Conference rooms and bathrooms have been converted into office space for staff members.
• A detached garage was constructed to make additional accommodations.
• Officer lockers were reduced 50% in size to add new lockers for the growing number of employees, and are now being put in the garage due to lack of space.
• The evidence storage room and training room are not large enough to accommodate the needs and size of the staff.

• Can’t have professional investigations with multiple offenders or victims due to limited/outdated resources.
• The current building needs replacement of the windows, roof, heating and cooling system, video monitoring system, fire alarm system, lighting system and new parking lot.
• The current building needs repairs, including exterior tuckpointing, building fascia, and water/ice damage and mold remediation.
• The replacements and repairs for the current building would cost $2,380,260 and would still leave the building undersized and outdated.

After several months of study and weighing all the information provided by Village consultants, the Bartlett Village Board approved an agreement with Williams Architects for a new police facility that can adequately meet the technology, equipment and system requirements of a modern law enforcement agency.

The New Facility:
• Can adequately meet the technology, equipment, and systems requirements of a modern law enforcement agency.
• Williams Architects considered Bartlett’s current population, department staffing and projected future growth to design a plan. Also, the firm toured three police facilities in comparable communities and conducted interviews with police staff regarding their use of department space.
• The building will be flexible in providing all of the existing services, as well as those services needed in the future.
• The increased space addresses the current size of the evidence storage area and lockers, the small training room, and the overcrowded offices.
• The expansion also provided a better flow for the department’s detention zone, as well as bonding out and exiting detainees from the building.
• All necessary repairs and replacements listed above will also be addressed.
• The construction would bring the building up to current code standards.

The concept plan for the expansion consists of building onto the northern part of the current police facility with a basement and two levels above grade. During construction, operations would be maintained in the current building. When the addition is completed, department staff would move to the new building and the older structure would be renovated as necessary. The new building will be almost double the size of the existing 22,000 square foot building.

Public hearings regarding the plans for the new facility were held during April’s Zoning Board of Appeals and Plan Commission meetings and on May 2 the issue will return to the Village Board Committee of the Whole for further review.

Please use the links below to see the full study & subsequent discussions at the Village Board Committee of the Whole meetings.

Police Facility Presentation - Committee of the Whole 10-4-2016 
Link to Police Facility video -

Police Facility Discussion - Committee of the Whole 4-5-2016
Minutes from 4-5-2016 Committee of the Whole meeting

Police Facility Space Needs Analysis & Facility Evaluation & Options Study
Minutes from 2-2-2016 Committee of the Whole meeting