Brush Collection

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Groot's brush collection has replaced the Bartlett Public Works brush collection program.

  • Waste hauler Groot collects an unlimited amount of brush. No yard waste sticker is required for bundled brush.
  • Brush must be bundled in 2 feet by 2 feet by 4-foot long bundles, no heavier than 50 pounds.
  • Brush is collected weekly from April through November
  • Brush must be bundled with biodegradable twine, available at the local Home Depot and Ace Hardware 
  • It is a CODE VIOLATION to leave unbundled brush on the parkway or in public areas 
  • See more Brush Collection Info bundled brush for pickup

Brush Pickup Contractors

For residents who do not want to bundle their own brush, the following contractors will collect your brush for a fee.

Cornerstone Land & Lawn Inc. 630-277-6169
General Costs: 4-foot x 4-foot is $50; 4-foot x 8-foot is $100. Depending on bulk and contents, prices may vary.

• C.E. Smith Lawn Maintenance 847-683-5115
General Costs: $25 and up, depending on contents, size and amount

• Trees-R-Us 847-913-9069
General Costs: $250 Minimum; will only pick up if hired to take tree down or if the resident would like multiple taken down trees removed. Will only pick up large quantities.