Public Works Cost Sharing Programs

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With the increase in aging infrastructure in Bartlett, it may become necessary for residents to improve or replace their private water and sewer lines. To assist in these projects, the Village offers cost sharing programs to help ease the financial burden on residents. See program details in the pdfs below and if you have additional questions, please call Bartlett Public Works Department, 630-837-0811.

Lateral Sewer Lining Program:

Older residential homes and older sanitary sewer mains were built out of Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP). Due to shifting ground and the age of some of these pipes, tree roots can break through and other cracks can form in the pipe causing leaks and potential backups into the home. To help prevent this, the Village annually provides a cost sharing program to line the residential service from the main to the home.
Sewer Lining Program_10_20_17

Lead Service Line Replacement Program:

Although uncommon, a portion of older homes in the Village were constructed with lead water service lines from the shutoff valve to the home. Although Bartlett’s source water is lead-free, lead from the lead water service can leach into the water and cause elevated lead levels in the drinking water. To combat this, the Village is providing a cost sharing program to replace the lead water service line with a copper service from the shut-off valve to the water meter.
Lead Service Replacement Program

Overhead Sewer Program:

The Village of Bartlett Overhead Sewer Program was established to provide financial assistance to homeowners who desire to protect their home from flooding during a heavy rain event. Typically, homes which have experienced sewer back-ups and flooded basements during a heavy rain event have a gravity type sewer. The existing sewer underneath the basement floor drains to the sewer in the street by gravity. When the Village sanitary sewers become overloaded due to the rain, the gravity type sewer is subject to back-up. Changing the basement plumbing system to an Overhead Sewer can protect the basement from back-ups. 
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