How to Pay or Contest a Vehicle Compliance Violation Citation

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The Village of Bartlett has created a system providing for the administrative adjudication of vehicular standing parking violations and vehicle compliance violations. This means that for these specific types of citations, instead of going to a county court, you can request a hearing locally. An administrative hearing officer will preside, adjudicate, administer oaths, hear testimony and/or accept evidence that is relevant to the matter at hand and make a final determination of liability. 

Please see the steps in the graphic below for your options when you are issued a parking or compliance citation. Also here are the links to the forms you should use to request a citation review or an in-person or written adjudication hearing. 

Request for a Local Adjudication Hearing Date
Request for a Written Local Adjudication Hearing To Contest a Parking or Compliance Citation
Petition to Vacate Default Judgment

Pay Vehicle Compliance Citation Online:

Please call the Bartlett Police Department’s Records Section at 630-837-0846 if you have any questions regarding your Vehicle Compliance Citation.

vehicle compliance citation graphic

Failure to Appear or Pay

The failure to pay the indicated fine and any applicable penalty or to appear at the hearing in the time and manner specified will result in a determination of liability for the cited violation in the amount of the fine or penalty indicated. Upon the final determination of liability for the failure and the exhaustion of, or failure to exhaust, available administrative or judicial procedures for review, any unpaid fine or penalty or both will constitute a debt due and owing the Village of Bartlett.

Petition to Vacate a Default Judgment
If you failed to appear at the administrative adjudication hearing, you may petition to set aside a default judgment and determination of liability.  

You need to complete and submit the Petition to Vacate Default Judgment form to the police department’s ordinance enforcement administrator within 21 days of the date on the Findings, Decision and Order and the Notice of Determination of Liability.  

The grounds for setting aside a determination of liability and not appearing at the administrative adjudication hearing are limited to: 
— the cited violation fine had already been paid
— you were not the owner or lessee of the cited vehicle on the date the violation was issued
— or an excusable failure to appear at or request a new date for a hearing.  

You will be notified by the administrative hearing officer by first class mail if the determination of liability has been set aside with the date, time, and place for your new administrative adjudication hearing on the merits of the violation for which the determination of liability has been set aside.

In regard to final determinations of liability of vehicular standing and parking violations and vehicle compliance violations made under this chapter, the administrative hearing officer’s determination of liability shall become final upon denial of a timely petition to vacate and/or set aside that determination, or upon expiration of the period for filing the petition to vacate without a filing have been made where a person fails to appear at a hearing to contest the alleged violation in the time and manner specified in a prior mailed notice.