CALEA Accreditation

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CALEA Accreditation has become the primary method for a law enforcement agency to voluntarily demonstrate its commitment to excellence in law enforcement. The standards upon which the Law Enforcement Accreditation Program is based reflect the current thinking and experience of law enforcement practitioners and researchers. Major law enforcement associations, leading educational and training institutions, governmental agencies, as well as law enforcement executives internationally, acknowledge CALEA’s Standards for Law Enforcement Agencies© and its Accreditation Programs as benchmarks for professional law enforcement agencies.

The Village of Bartlett Police Department was awarded its first CALEA accreditation in 1997 and has been re-accredited six times since then. Every three years, it must be re-assessed to ensure it has maintained compliance with applicable standards, keeping proofs of compliance up-to-date, and live by the letter and spirit of those standards. In 2015, the department underwent its second “Gold Standard” Assessment and also achieved Meritorious status for having been accredited more than 15 continuous years.

The department has been named a Flagship Agency twice, first in 2006 and again in 2009. In 2012 and again in 2015, the department was awarded Gold Standard Advanced Accreditation and received the “Accreditation with Excellence Award” by CALEA for having continually demonstrated excellence in commitment to the accreditation process, and a willingness to share with others its accreditation success.

For Bartlett, accreditation is an ongoing endeavor for excellence and professionalism.
• CALEA Accreditation requires an agency to develop a comprehensive, well thought out, uniform set of written directives. This is one of the most successful methods for reaching administrative and operational goals, while also providing direction to personnel.
• CALEA Accreditation standards provide the necessary reports and analyses a CEO needs to make fact-based, informed management decisions.
• CALEA Accreditation requires a preparedness program be put in place—so an agency is ready to address natural or man-made unusual occurrences.
• CALEA Accreditation is a means for developing or improving upon an agency’s relationship with the community.
• CALEA Accreditation strengthens an agency’s accountability, both within the agency and the community, through a continuum of standards that clearly define authority, performance, and responsibilities.
• Being CALEA Accredited can limit an agency’s liability and risk exposure because it demonstrates that internationally recognized standards for law enforcement have been met, as verified by a team of independent outside CALEA-trained assessors.
• CALEA Accreditation facilitates an agency’s pursuit of professional excellence.

Bartlett's Law Enforcement Accreditation
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