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Solar Energy

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The Village of Bartlett is currently participating in the SolSmart program funded by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative, which helps local governments reduce barriers to solar energy growth and makes it easier for homes and businesses to go solar.

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In May 2019, the Village of Bartlett earned a SolSmart Gold designation for its work to improve solar market conditions, making it faster, easier, and more affordable for residents and businesses to install solar energy systems.

In addition to achieving SolSmart Gold, Bartlett was presented with a Special Recognition Award by SolSmart.This Special Recognition Award celebrates and shines a light on communities that have gone above and beyond – earning at least 60% of the total points available in one or more of the eight SolSmart categories of Permitting; Planning, Zoning and Development; Inspection; Construction Codes; Solar Rights; Utility Engagement; Community Engagement; and Marketing, Development and Finance.



Village of Bartlett Solar Policy Statement

Bartlett formally supports the following solar goals and will work to achieve them both in our own communities and collaboration throughout the region. These high-level goals are:

1. advance renewable energy
2. enact policies that support clean energy
3. engage the community in clean energy practices.

In order to measure progress along the way, Bartlett will track key metrics related to solar energy deployment, such as the number and location of solar installations and their capacity. Additionally, the systems, whether they are installed in residential or non-residential zoned districts, are treated in the same manner. The Village shall review and issue solar/photovoltaic systems permits within 3 days if all of the required submittal information and documentation is provided with the permit application.

The Village also provides for specific inspection times, as it does for all of building permit inspections, for the required inspections of the solar/photovoltaic system installations. Bartlett typically require at least 24 hours’ notice for an inspection but in many instances, it can accommodate an inspection request the same day as requested. There is rough inspection, which will take place during the installation process, and also a final inspection which will be an inspection of the completed installation.  

Solar Maps for Bartlett

Is solar right for your home? Click the link below and find the level of sunlight to which your home or business is exposed. Bright yellow/white shades are sunnier and the best locations for solar panels on your home or business. Click on the second link to see a map that shows current solar installations in Bartlett.  

Solar Exposure Map
Bartlett Solar Installations

Required Submittals, Building Permit, Plan Review & Application Checklist

The following are links to the Village of Bartlett solar panel system required submittals, plan review form and building permit application and checklist, which are used for all permits in the Village and those requiring plan review, including solar/photovoltaic installations. Additionally, the Village uses the on-line checklist from Solar ABC’s as the checklist for installations in the Village. 

The solar permit fees are the same as any building permit. The fees are based on the cost of construction (see table 9-3-4 BBC). The Village does require that an Illinois Licensed Structural Engineer provide documentation and calculations that an existing roof structure will accommodate the existing roof loads and the new solar installation loads. The contractor and the licensed electrician shall be listed on the permit and 3 sets of plans, documentation and equipment specifications shall be submitted. Ground mounted systems shall be noted on a current plat of survey and shall meet all requirements for accessory structure use under the Village Zoning Ordinance. Plan reviews are turned around and permits issued within 3 days and inspections are scheduled as they are requested.

Consumer Protection and Resources

Resources for residents and businesses interested in installing solar:

Find an Installer

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