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When Bartlett’s first piece of firefighting equipment, a Howe pumper, was delivered in 1897, local businessmen and officials lined up for this commemorative photograph.Frank Fisk had the honor of holding the hose’s 27 ½-inch-long brass nozzle. Recently this nozzle was gifted to the Bartlett History Museum.Pumper picture with nozzle

Ever wonder what else the Bartlett History Museum collects in its mission to preserve the Village’s rich history? The answer is a lot! This large collection is housed at Bartlett Village Hall using archival practices to best protect items for use in the museum’s exhibitions, educational programming and social media.

The museum’s online collection is accessible anytime and anyplace by visiting Choose what catches your eye or search using keywords. Click on the individual record to open it and there you will find a picture and information on the item, such as age, size, use, etc. and a brief note about its Bartlett connection.You are encouraged to share your findings with family and friends using email or the social media tabs.

This online collection represents just a fraction of the museum’s collection. New items are being added weekly, so continue to visit often to experience Bartlett’s past. The museum actively seeks objects and images that focus on Bartlett, from schools, worship facilities, businesses, families, sports teams, etc. If you would like to donate and continue to help build the collection,
please contact Director Pam Rohleder at