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Answer the Survey - Keep Bartlett Water Safe!

Post Date:01/09/2020

January 9, 2020 -- Bartlett water customers will receive a survey card in the mail in January that asks you to help the Village identify all cross connections that exist in Bartlett’s water system. The survey is being mailed to all water customers in compliance with the Illinois EPA's cross connection control program and regulations.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) requires every public water supplier to have a comprehensive “cross connection control program” to protect its water supply. A "cross-connection," as defined by the EPA, is any actual or potential connection between the public water supply (the consumer's water system) and a contamination or pollution source.

Some examples of cross connections include fire protection systems, boiler systems, lawn irrigation systems, swimming pool filling systems, water features, carbonated soda dispensers, etc. Such cross-connections can jeopardize the cleanliness and potability of the public water system if a backflow event should occur. Devices called backflow preventers are required in any plumbing situation that is considered a cross connection. These devices help keep the cross connection separate from the potable water system at all times, preventing potential contamination.

One requirement of the IEPA is to survey all water customers every two years. The purpose of this survey is to identify all existing cross connections and ensure that proper backflow devices are in place to prevent potential contamination. 

The contractor hired to implement and oversee the Village’s program is Aqua Backflow of Elgin, Illinois. Please complete and return the short survey form immediately after you receive it, via an online form, e-mail or by traditional mail. Aqua Backflow specializes in cross connection control management and all surveys should be returned to it, NOT the Village of Bartlett. If you have or require backflow protection, you may be notified for compliance (testing, repairs, or installation). Aqua Backflow can be reached at 847-742-2296 or with any questions.

Bartlett’s cross connection control program is designed to safeguard public health. Please cooperate with this program, its enforcement and any requests for information that come from Aqua Backflow or Village of Bartlett staff.

This survey is required for ALL locations that have any of the potential cross connections. For example, if a residents has an irrigation system, even if it is no longer in use and disconnected, a survey must be filled out for the property proving this. Any location that is known to have required a backflow prevention device and does not fill out the survey by the appropriate time, will receive a notice of their noncompliance and may have their water service shut down by the Village if they continue to dismiss the survey requests. If you have any questions about the program or the survey, you can reach Water Department Supervisor Blake Grenlie at 630-837-0811.