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CN & CP Agreement Will Relieve Traffic Delays at Crossings

Post Date:08/23/2019
8/23/2019 -- Canadian Pacific (CP) and Wisconsin Central, Ltd. (CN) have reached an interim agreement under which the railroads’ interchange operations have been moved out of Bartlett for the time being, pending a final ruling by the Surface Transportation Board (STB). 

This measure will greatly reduce the stoppages and traffic delays at the West Bartlett Road, Stearns Road and Spaulding Road crossings that directly resulted from the railroads exchanging freight cars at the Spaulding Road interchange. 

According to the agreement, CN may classify some tracks previously used for interchange as inactive but it will continue to maintain them and will not remove any tracks before the final STB decision. CN assumes full responsibility for restoring tracks to active service within 30 calendar days if the interchange reverts to Spaulding because of a change to the agreement or by order of the STB.

The Village of Bartlett is asking for the public’s help in monitoring stoppages. If you experience a prolonged stop or blockage at one of the three crossings mentioned, please call the Village at 224-236-6296. Routine train traffic will continue to travel through Bartlett; please do not report traffic delays due to long or slow-moving freight trains.  

The Village Board and staff would like to thank everyone who submitted comments on this issue, which helped greatly with the Village’s testimony before the STB earlier this month. Although the agreement between CN & CP is temporary, it is a big step towards alleviating train/traffic congestion along the CN Line in Bartlett, and the Village remains hopeful for a positive permanent ruling from the STB.