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Police Warn of "Grandparent Scam"

Post Date:11/20/2017
Bartlett Police Department is warning residents to be vigilant after an increase of “grandparent scam” telephone complaints. The scam generally involves an unexpected telephone call from someone in distress who claims to be your grandchild or relative. The caller will indicate they were involved in some type of an emergency situation, such as a terrible accident or an arrest and need you to immediately wire money or purchase gift cards to fix their vehicle, to get out of jail or to pay customs fees to get back into the United States from another country. The scammer will also ask you not to contact or tell his parents or other family members about the emergency situation. The caller might also pose as an attorney or law enforcement official contacting you on behalf of your grandchild or relative.

Here are some safety tips to protect your or your family members from being a victim of a "grandparent scam:"
• Resist the urge to act immediately if you receive a phone call from someone who is asking you to wire money or provide them with gift card claim code due to an urgent emergency situation.
• Try to contact your family member or relative on their home or cellular telephone number that you know to be genuine.
• Make sure to confirm the caller’s story with other family members, relatives and friends.
• Verify the caller’s identity by asking questions that would be hard for an imposter to answer correctly.

Please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 630-837-0846 if you would like more information about the “grandparent scam” or similar types of scams. Bartlett Police Department also encourages residents to immediately file a police report if they believe they were a victim or a target of a “grandparent scam."
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