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Vision Statement

Bartlett is a community all are proud to call home. We are a Village that values our past, cherishes our present and works together to thoughtfully plan for the future.

Goals & Objectivescover of 2014 - 2015 strategic plan

Facilitate Activities that Foster a Sense of Community
*Foster development that serves as community focal points and considers adjustments to reflect evolving needs and market trends
*Develop an effective approach for more active involvement in promoting municipal authority and local control
*Evaluate inter-organizational activities to maximize and balance social and cultural opportunities in the Village
*Promote community identity and events
*Encourage resident involvement
*Maintain and enhance communication
*Facilitate intergovernmental relationships with other local taxing districts
*Continue efforts toward promoting, embracing and enhancing our schools and our local education system



Attract and Retain a Diverse Business Population
*Continue to develop our downtown
*Continue to provide support to existing and new business community
*Continue to address the development of the Brewster Creek Business Park
*Continue to address business development of the Bluff City and Blue Heron business parks
*Advance the development of commercial areas at Rt. 59 and Lake Street and Rt. 59 and W. Bartlett Road site
*Review all business policies, processes and regulations to foster enhanced business activities and general welfare of the community
*Develop a business attraction strategy/process and marketing mechanism to ehance our profile in business community

Maintain and Enhance the Appearance of Our Community
*Advance residential, industrial and commercial regulations via ordinance and policy reviews and implementation
*Promote an inviting outdoor environment
*Continue to provide for community land use planning
*Continue the corridor plan for West Bartlett Road

Continue to Provide High Quality, Responsive, and Cost Effective Village Services.
*Focus on the development, motivation and recognition of the municipal staff
*Maintain a fiscally responsible government
*Continue to evaluate and implement the use of technology in providing services and municipal operations
*Encourage regional and local transportation availability
*Continue to provide and maintain infrastructure, facilities and services to focus on core municipal service areas
*Continue to address residential drainage and stormwater concerns
*Maintain a safe community
*Maintain emergency management efforts


Evaluate and Promote, Where Possible, Environmentally Friendly Development, Purchases, Awareness and Programs
*Evaluate municipal purchases and practices for environment-friendly alternatives



updated 5-12-2014