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                  Bartlett Police logo

   Police Department

Bartlett Police Department
228 S. Main Street
Bartlett, IL 60103

Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-Emergency: (630) 837-0846
Fax: (630) 837-0865

Chief of Police: Kent Williams
Deputy Chief of Support Services: Joseph Leonas
Deputy Chief of Operations: Patrick Ullrich


Our Mission and Vision
Your Police Department, in the interest of providing a safe environment for all and to enhance the quality of life in this community, pledges to serve and protect the life and
property of the people of Bartlett. Our goal is to prevent crime, to preserve the public peace, and uphold those guarantees set down in the Constitution of the United States of America, the laws of the State of Illinois and local ordinances of Bartlett.

This mission grows from our vision of the relationship between the people of Bartlett and the Bartlett Police.

Your police department strives to remain a vital and responsive member of the community. The Bartlett Police have a commitment to training and professionalism and receive their direction and authority from the public trust. This continuing partnership will allow us to change, grow and develop together. With compassion, respect and understanding of your needs, we will be guided by justice both now and tomorrow.

(Mission Vision Statement developed by a Committee of Employees – 1994)


The Police Department provides for the public safety and welfare of Bartlett residents and visitors. To efficiently deliver its many programs and services, the Police Department is divided into two divisions, each of which is under the command of a Deputy Chief. These divisions are Administration and Operations. 

The Administration Division performs general administrative functions designed to provide operational support and includes the records section, crossing guards, emergency management, court liaison and a variety of training. The Operations Division includes planning and research (accreditation), the patrol section (includes traffic unit), the investigations and public services bureau (school liaison officers, detectives, drug enforcement officer, crime prevention, directed patrol, and canine unit.)

Police News & Highlights

Holiday DUI & Seat Belt Enforcement Campaigns
The Bartlett Police Department is participating in the Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) upcoming holiday DUI and seat belt enforcement campaigns from Friday, 12/19 through Sunday, 1/4. Participation in these statewide traffic safety initiatives are fully funded by a grant through IDOT’s Division of Traffic Safety in order to deter impaired driving and seat belt infractions. The Bartlett Police Department was awarded a total of 20 additional patrol hours to strictly enforce daytime and nighttime seat belt violations and 30 additional patrol hours to conduct DUI saturation patrols.

The Police Department encourages everyone to have a safe holiday by always wearing your seat belt, assigning a designated driver, and not letting friends or family members drive under the influence of alcohol.


Bartlett Named 4th Safest Place in Illinois
Maintaining a safe community is one of the core missions of the Village of Bartlett. Now the Village’s success in meeting that objective has been confirmed by a Movoto Real Estate ranking of the 10 safest places in Illinois. Bartlett appears as number four on the list.

According to Movoto, Bartlett “had the fourth lowest property crime on our list with only 764 crimes of that type per 100,000 people.” The Village also ranked fourth lowest in total crime, with residents having only a 1 in 119 chance of becoming a crime victim.

The real estate company used the FBI’s 2012 Uniform Crime Report to create its ranking and focused on four categories: murders, violent crimes, property crimes and total crimes. If a community did not report its data to the FBI, it was omitted from the list, leaving 115 locations in the state with reported data.

To compare large and small places fairly, Movoto’s analysis was based on crimes per 100,000 residents. It also weighted its rankings so more serious crimes were worth a higher percentage of the overall score than the total number of crimes.

If the safety of your home and family is a high priority, these numbers show you can find security and peace of mind in the Village of Bartlett.

Use the following link to read the full article:



IRS Phone Scam
IRS 1040 formResidents should be aware of an IRS scam involving callers claiming to be the Internal Revenue Service and demanding immediate payments with a prepaid debit card or wire transfer. These callers sometimes also threaten arrest or deportation. 

In most circumstances, the IRS generally contacts taxpayers first by mail or with personal visits from field agents. It does not accept credit card information by phone. 

Please contact the Bartlett Police Department if you fell victim to this latest telephone scam.



IDOT logoLane Closure on IL Route 25
The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) announced that, weather permitting, a road reconstruction project on IL Route 25/Stearns Road to Dunham Road in South Elgin currently is underway.

The work involves complete reconstruction of a portion of IL Route 25/Stearns Road, construction of additional new traffic lanes, a new storm sewer and traffic signals. In addition, a new roadway bridge span, along with a new bridge carrying the Union Pacific Railroad over IL 25 will be constructed. Work will be done under staged construction with one lane open in each direction. The project has an anticipated completion date of August 31, 2015.

Motorists can expect delays during times when the lane closures are in effect and should allow extra time for trips through this area. Drivers are urged to pay close attention to flaggers and signing in the work zones, obey the posted speed limits, and be on the alert for workers and equipment.

Find details on other construction projects in IDOT's District 1 at

Traffic updates are available online at




New Scam Alerts for Residents
Bartlett residents are being warned about two recent scams that have been reported to the police department. Several residents have received calls from international telephone numbers on their cellular phones. The caller will ring your cellular telephone number and then immediately disconnect, hoping that you are curious enough to redial the missed number. If the cell phone owner returns the call, they are often charged an international calling rate of $19.95.

Other residents have reported receiving a telephone call from someone claiming to work for Microsoft and warning them about a virus on their computer. The caller then offers to remove the virus and asks you to authorize remote access to your computer. Once the scammer has accessed your computer, they can install malicious software, steal personal information or direct you to fraudulent websites.



New 2014 Laws

no cell phone logoThe Bartlett Police Department reminds residents of the new cell phone law that goes into effect on January 1, 2014.  Drivers may not operate a motor vehicle on a roadway while using an electronic communication device, such as a hand-held wireless telephone, hand-held personal digital assistant, or a portable or mobile computer.  Some of the exemptions to the new law include:

  • using an electronic communication device in hands-free or voice-operated mode, which may include the use of a headset
  • using an electronic communication device to report an emergency situation and continued communication with emergency personnel during the emergency situation
  • using an electronic communication device when the vehicle is stopped due to the normal traffic being obstructed and the driver has the motor transmission in neutral or park
  • using an electronic communication device when the vehicle is parked on the shoulder of a roadway

The Bartlett Police Department reminds residents of the cigarette buttsnew amendment to the Litter Control Act that is effective on January 1, 2014.  Cigarettes are now defined as litter and individuals are prohibited from discarding cigarette butts in any public place or from a motor vehicle.



Gypsy Scam Awareness
no burglary logoThe Bartlett Police Department would like to warn residents of common Gypsy scams involving individuals who pose as utility workers or contractors.  Offenders have been known to show up at a residence unannounced and inform the homeowner that they need to measure the property line due to some type of construction project or they need to perform unscheduled work or check on something inside the residence. The individuals will then distract the homeowner or take the homeowner to a remote area of the property while an accomplice enters the residence to steal the homeowner’s valuables. 



Attempt to Identify - CDTP Newcastle Ln in Bartlett, IL
June 17, 2013 -- The Bartlett Police Department is attempting to identify the individuals who are responsible for damaging several parked vehicles on Newcastle Lane, Naples Court, and Nutmeg Court on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at approximately 3 a.m. Please contact the Investigations Section at 630-837-0846 if you have any information regarding this incident. See more using the links below.



CALEA Re-Accreditation Award
Bartlett PD receives CALEA reaccreditation

The Bartlett Police Department has accepted its fifth reaccreditation award from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) since the department's initial accreditation in 1997. Every three years, agencies must apply for reaccreditation, which is formal recognition that an agency has an excellent record of service and operation. In addition to obtaining its reaccreditation, the police department was also awarded the status of "Accreditation with Excellence" for a third time. These awards are a testament to the hard work and commitment of all police department staff members and their dedication to the department motto, "Serve with Care, Protect with Confidence."


Door-to-Door Solicitor Alert
Recently, some retail electricity suppliers going door to door to solicit new business have stated to residents that they are the Village approved electricity supplier in Bartlett.  The Village of Bartlett does not have an electricity aggregation program at this time and has not selected any electricity provider on behalf of the residents.

Bartlett residents are able to select a retail electricity supplier on their own. For information about selecting a provider on your own or to see a list of the retail electricity suppliers registered with the state, please visit

For any additional questions, please contact Assistant to the Village Administrator Steven Bosco at 630-837-0800.


Village Ranked 4th Safest City
Bartlett has been ranked the fourth safest city in America by and is the only municipality in the state of Illinois ranked in the top 10.

According to the website’s analysis of 2011 FBI crime statistics, Bartlett is safer than 89% of the cities and towns in the U.S. of all population sizes. If you live in Bartlett, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in the community is 1 in 135. The U.S. average across communities, from largest to smallest is 1 in 30.

NeighborhoodScout looked at the seven offenses from the uniform crime reports, collected by the FBI from 17,000 local law enforcement agencies, including both violent and property crimes. Violent crimes such as assault, rape, murder and armed robbery happen less often in Bartlett than in most of America. Your chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime here is one in 2,591, which is a violent crime rate of zero per 1,000 inhabitants.

NeighborhoodScout's analysis reveals that the property crime rate in Bartlett is below average. This means that you are less likely to become a victim of arson, motor vehicle theft, larceny, or burglary in Bartlett than in most communities in America. Your chance is just one in 143.

The Massachusetts based company began in 2002, and the website is owned by Location, Inc. The company touts itself as "a geographic research and data mining company born of university research, specializing in location analysis, demographic and school data information products, and location-based decision-making tools for businesses and consumers."

Village President Michael Airdo in response to the ranking information stated, "Bartlett’s commitment to safety is unparalleled. Our ongoing strategy is to engage the community directly to determine the best course of action regarding a given problem. We believe in being proactive and connected to our residents with a solution-oriented mindset. While we are proud to have earned this distinction, there is no finish line for fighting crime, and we strive to remain vigilant to our mission of community safety."

More information may be found at


Telephone Solicitation Notice
It has recently been brought to the Bartlett Police Department’s attention that the Metropolitan Alliance of Police has started its annual telemarketing solicitation of businesses located within the Village of Bartlett. Many of these fundraisers may imply that the Bartlett Police Department will benefit from these donations. Be assured that the Bartlett Police Department does not receive any direct benefit from these solicitations nor does it accept any proceeds from the telemarketing solicitation.  The Bartlett Police Department also does not authorize nor does it want any organization to solicit donations on its behalf. Furthermore, the decision to solicit funds through this type of telemarketing is being made by persons outside of the Village of Bartlett community.

If a fundraiser states that they represent the Bartlett Police Department, you are asked to please file a formal police report so their claim can be fully investigated. When reporting these solicitations, residents are asked to provide as much information as possible, including the name of the person calling, the name and address of the organization, and any telephone numbers provided. Illinois law requires paid fundraisers to identify themselves as such and to name the organization for which they are soliciting. The solicitations can be reported to the Bartlett Police Department by calling (630) 837-0846.

The Bartlett Police Department appreciates the support of our residents and business owners, but asks that if you choose to donate to a soliciting organization you do so based on your personal preference and choice and not because you feel pressured or swayed by the implication that the money will find its way to the police department.

To learn more about Illinois laws regarding charitable solicitations, you may also visit the Illinois Attorney General’s Office website at:


Solicitors may not approach a Bartlett residence displaying a "NO SOLICITORS" decal. These decals are available at the Main Office in Village Hall. Residents are encouraged to report violations to the Police Department by calling 9-1-1.


Police Investigate Armed Robbery at Circle K Gas Station
July 16, 2012 -- On Friday, July 13, 2012 at approximately at 12:30 a.m., the Bartlett Police Department investigated an armed robbery that just occurred at the Circle K gas station  located at 123 E. Stearns Road. Witnesses reported two male black suspects entered the store and one of the suspects threatened the clerks with a handgun. The suspects then fled the store with cigarettes and an undetermined amount of money after forcing the clerks into a bathroom.

Both suspects were described as black males approximately 20 years old, 5-feet-8-inches tall, with their faces partially covered by a piece of clothing.

Images obtained from store video surveillance cameras

The Bartlett Police Department continues to investigate this matter. Anyone with further information regarding this incident is asked to immediately contact the Bartlett Police Department Investigations Section at 630-837-0846.




Police Department Warns Residents of Lottery Scams
lottery ballsThe Bartlett Police Department is warning residents of several lottery or prize/sweepstakes scams that are periodically reported. Typically, these types of scams are marketed to residents through telemarketing phone calls, mail, or email. A victim will generally obtain a phony prize check in the mail or receive a telephone call or email from someone who claims the victim won a large sum of money, a vehicle, or another type of prize. In order to claim the prize, the scam artist generally instructs the victim to send or wire money or obtain a Green Dot-MoneyPak card for taxes, processing fees, and advanced fees. 

In order to avoid becoming a victim of a lottery or prize/sweepstakes scam, residents should always remember they cannot win a legitimate lottery unless they entered a contest or purchased a ticket. Also, residents should never have to pay any type of processing fees or taxes in order to claim a sweepstakes or lottery prize. 

Residents should avoid sending payment to unknown business through a wire transfer such as Western Union because it is difficult to track and nearly impossible to recover stolen funds sent this way. Residents should also exercise caution when using Green Dot-Money Pak cards to pay individuals they do not know, especially when they ask for the Green Dot-Money Pak authorization serial number.



New Seat Belt Law Takes Effect on January 1, 2012
click it or ticket logo

Effective January 1, 2012, Illinois law will require back seat passengers to wear seat belts, regardless of their age or seating position.  The move will strengthen the State of Illinois’ current seat belt law, which requires passengers in the front seat and anyone under the age of 19 year old to wear a properly secure seat belt.  The new law exempts riders in buses, emergency vehicles, and those in the backseat of taxis. 





Preventing Home Burglary
(graphic is from the Washington Post)



smart911 logoBartlett Encourages Residents to Sign Up
The Bartlett Police Department highly encourages Bartlett residents and businesses to register for the new Smart911 technology service recently implemented by its 9-1-1 emergency call center, DuComm. 

Residents and businesses can register their home, business, and cellular telephone numbers for free at in order to provide emergency personnel with additional valuable information concerning medical information, pet information, special needs information, specific information about their residence or business, language preferences, and photographs of themselves or their children when a 9-1-1 call is placed.  Smart911 will also allow the dispatchers to track the location of a cellular telephone call through global positioning technology in case the call is dropped or if an individual uses a cellular telephone instead of a landline telephone at a business or at a residence.

The information provided to Smart911 is encrypted & secure and will never be sold or used for any purposes other than public safety. Only the Bartlett Police Department and Bartlett Fire Protection District will be able to access the information once the dispatchers relay it to the emergency personnel in the field. 



Police Department Implements Crisis Intervention Team
Crisis Intervention Team logoThe Bartlett Police Department established a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) in May of 2011. This 13-member team of law enforcement officers received 40 hours of intensive, specialized training on assisting individuals and family members in the community who suffer from mental illness, behavioral disabilities, veterans’ issues and addictions. Team members have or will complete an additional 40-hour training class on the Advanced CIT Youth Program. In addition, seven members are state certified elder service officers. Community members can identify CIT officers by the standardized blue CIT pin worn on their uniforms.

CIT officers network with surrounding mental health/addiction recovery agencies, Hanover and Wayne Townships, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and several hospitals to provide appropriate care and resources to individuals and family members. Members of the CIT respond immediately and those in need of services are identified by officers and provided with resources. The Bartlett officers have made a tremendous impact in the community by deferring cases to Mental Health Court as an alternative to arrests in some cases. Often the mere understanding of the illness allows officers to establish a rapport with individuals and families and provide educational resources and referrals. CIT officers network with facilities in both Cook and DuPage counties and aid those who are arrested with post-arrest/pre-trial resources.

If you would like more information about Bartlett’s Crisis Intervention Team or local resources, please contact the Bartlett Police Department 630-837-0846 and ask to speak with a CIT officer. Residents are encouraged to register themselves and family members on SMART911 at to facilitate fast and accurate communication with 9-1-1. Resources are also available through the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) website,



Cell Phone Usage Prohibited in School Zones
sign - no cell phones in school zones
Please remember as of January 1, 2010, cell phone use is prohibited in school zones while operating a motor vehicle on a roadway. Cell phone use is also prohibited while driving on a highway in a construction zone.  625 ILCS 5/12-610.1





State Law Requires Drivers to Stop for Pedestrians pedestrian sign
Effective July 22, 2010, all motorists must now stop and yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian who is crossing the roadway within a marked or unmarked crosswalk, including crosswalks that do not have a stop sign or traffic signal when the pedestrian is upon the half of the roadway upon which the vehicle is traveling, or when the pedestrian is approaching so closely from the opposite half of the roadway as to be in danger. The previous Illinois crosswalk law only required drivers to yield to pedestrians and stop only when necessary.  625 ILCS5/11-1002



“Share the Road” Bicycle Safety Lawsbike safety sign


Effective immediately, it is now a Class A Misdemeanor for a driver of a motor vehicle to “crowd” or threaten a bicyclist by unnecessarily driving a motor vehicle close to, toward, or near a bicyclist if the violation does not result in great bodily harm or permanent disability or disfigurement to another. It is also now a Class A Misdemeanor when a person projects or throws any object or substance at or against a bicyclist.






Auto-Burglary Prevention Tipseyes of a car burglar
Did you know that it only takes a thief an average of 30 seconds to break into your vehicle and steal your valuables?  Did you also know that it only takes an average of 20 seconds for you to move your valuables out of sight into your trunk? The Bartlett Police Department would like to offer the following prevention tips in order to make a difference in your vulnerability to Auto Burglaries:

    • Don’t leave any valuables such as GPS units, MP3 players, purses, wallets, or currency inside your vehicle.
    • Don’t forget to lock your vehicle & completely roll up your windows.
    • Set the vehicle’s alarm system or anti-theft device.
    • Turn on the outside lights to your residence at nighttime to deter criminals from taking advantage of the cover of darkness.
    • Try to park your vehicle inside your garage instead of outside on your driveway or street.
    • Try to park your vehicle in a busy, well-lighted area to take advantage of natural surveillance. 



    Some Laws You Should Know About
    On Tuesday, July 7, 2009 the Village Board approved numerous changes to the Animal Control & Dog Ordinance. The majority of the changes deal with new and revised definitions and new prohibited acts. The revised ordinance became enforceable on Friday, July 17, 2009.

     Animal Control and Dog Ordinance
    Teen Driving Laws - Graduated Driver Licensing

    Curfew Laws
    BB, Pellet, Airsoft, and Paintball Guns Are Prohibited


    The Bartlett Police Department strives to provide the citizens of Bartlett the highest level of service possible. In order to accomplish this goal, and to evaluate the courtesy, efficiency and effectiveness of the department, we would like to have your input on the job that we are doing. Please take a few minutes to complete a community survey, available through the link below.. Thank you for your time and interest in helping the department improve our service to the community.

    Police Community Survey

    You Should Know

    Witness/Victim Information
    If you are a victim or a witness on a criminal case that occurred within the Village of Bartlett, you may be entitled to victim/witness assistance provided through a number of federal, state or county assistance programs. If you are a victim of domestic violence you can call the Illinois Domestic Violence Help Line 1-877-TO END DV [1-877-863-6338]. This is a toll free, confidential, multi-lingual 24-hour referral assistance for victims of domestic violence.

    For further information, please visit the following web sites:

    Illinois Attorney General’s Office – Victim Assistance
    Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    Cook County State’s Attorney Community Outreach
    DuPage County Victim Services Unit
    Kane County Victims’ Rights Unit

    Sex Offender Information
    The Sex Offender Registry was created to facilitate access to publicly available information about persons convicted of sex offenses. (link to information)


    This telephone/printer system for the hearing impaired enables the Bartlett Police and Fire Departments to communicate with hearing impaired citizens in emergency situations. Emergency/NonEmergency #: 911 (Du Comm dispatch center).


    Police and Fire Services are dispatched by DuPage Public Safety Communications (DuComm). Located in Glendale Heights, they handle this service for 12 area police departments and 15 fire departments. All calls for service, whether routine or emergency in nature, should be directed to the 911 Operator. Dial 911 for all police service calls. For more information on DuComm services visit

    Identity Theft

    Stealing someone’s identity to buy everything from cars, consumer goods, and mortgages, while leaving the victim’s credit rating in ruins is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. The Bartlett Police Department can offer tips and information that will keep you from becoming a victim of Identity theft.

    For further information, please visit the following web sites:
    Federal Trade Commission -
    U.S. Department of Justice  -
    Social Security Administration -

    Telephone Solicitations
    One issue that is continually brought to the attention of the Bartlett Police Department is fundraising attempts through telephone solicitation of residents and businesses. Many of these fundraisers will imply that the Bartlett Police Department in some way benefits from the donation. In fact it does not. The Bartlett Police Department does not authorize nor does it want any organization to solicit on its behalf. The department is funded through municipal taxes and fees that are authorized and budgeted by the Village of Bartlett Board of Trustees.

    If a fundraiser states that they represent the Bartlett Police Department, you are asked to please file a formal police report so their claim can be fully investigated. When reporting these solicitations, residents are asked to provide as much information as possible, including the name of the person calling, the name and address of the organization, and any telephone numbers provided. Illinois law requires paid fundraisers to identify themselves as such and to name the organization for which they are soliciting. The solicitations can be reported to the Bartlett Police Department by calling (630) 837-0846 or by sending an e-mail to:

    In some cases, organizations, such as the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, the Metropolitan Alliance of Police and the Fraternal Order of Police, may in fact have individual members of the Bartlett Police Department as members of their organization. However no one at the Bartlett Police Department has given consent to or hired telemarketers to solicit funds on behalf of the department. The decision to solicit funds through this type of telemarketing is being made by persons outside of our community.

    Be assured that the Bartlett Police receives no direct benefit from these solicitations nor would it accept any. The department has received complaints that some telemarketers not only imply that they are the Bartlett Police, but that donating will somehow improve the donor’s service level. This could not be further from the truth. The Bartlett Police Department prides itself on the high level of service it provides to all residents.

    The Bartlett Police Department appreciates the support of our residents and business owners, but asks that if you choose to donate to a soliciting organization you do so based on your personal preference and choice and not because you feel pressured or swayed by the implication that the money will find its way to the local police officer or police department.
    To learn more about Illinois laws regarding charitable solicitations, you may also visit the Illinois Attorney General’s Office website at:

    Vacation Watch

    Residents going on vacation may visit the Bartlett Police Department to give them the pertinent information. Periodic premise inspections are performed. Vacation Watch Application

    Bicycle Registration
    Project Alert
    Neighborhood Watch
    Fleet Watch
    Directed Patrol Team

    Illinois Premise Alert Program at Bartlett Police Department
    Disabled or special needs residents are encouraged to participate in the Illinois Premise Alert Program (PAP), whereby you give your personal information to the Bartlett Police Department, who will then share the information with their 9-1-1 emergency dispatch center, DU-COMM.  The confidential information will be stored in a computer database so first responders such as police and fire personnel will have immediate access to it in the event of an emergency situation. This program is also available to parents, family members, guardians, and caregivers on behalf of a disabled or special needs resident.

    The Premise Alert Program forms can be downloaded here and are also available at the Bartlett Police Department’s Records Section. The forms can be mailed or dropped off at the Bartlett Police Department, located at 228 South Main Street, Bartlett, IL 60103.


    Illinois AVN (Automated Notification System)
    The Illinois AVN system is a service through which victims of crime can use the telephone or internet to search for information regarding the custody and case status of their offender and to register to receive telephone and email notification when the offender’s custody or court status changes.  The toll-free number for the Illinois AVN is (866) 566-8439 and the internet link is  This service is provided to assist victims of crime who have a right to know about their offender’s custody and case status.