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Resident Services

Water & Sewer Service
To begin or terminate water service, call the Village Hall at 630-837-0800. One monthly bill is sent for both water and sewer service using the following rates.


Water Rate

as of 1-1-12

Sewer Rate

as of 5-1-12
Cook/Kane Counties $6.36/1,000 gallons $9.21 + $0.77/1,000 gallons
DuPage County $6.36/1,000 gallons $10.85 + $1.94/1,000 gallons

Water bills may be paid at the Main Officer during regular business hours or, if paying by check, through the outside, drive-up depository box (light grey) located to the east of the front door of Village Hall. You may also pay your bill online. A 10% discount is available to senior citizens at 65 years of age or older. If payment is not made by the due date, a penalty equal to 10% of the bill will be added. Learn how to setup automatic payment of your water bill.

To add a tenant’s name to the account for water and sewer service, the Tenant Application for Residential Water & Sewer Service form must be completed and submitted to the Water Department.  The information will also be used to contact the owner when the tenant requests a final bill.

Please contact the Water Department if you have any questions at 630-837-0800.


ComEd Emergency - If you have an electric emergency, it is important to call ComEd immediately. Never email your emergency request. If you need to report an emergency situation such as a fire, vehicle accident, electric contact/shock or other potential danger, please call 9-1-1 to notify local authorities.
Residential: 1-800-Edison-1
Business: 1-877-4-ComEd-1
Representatives are available 24-hours a day to handle your ComEd emergency request.

Storm Center - When the storms roll in, ComEd is ready to keep you up-to-date on its outage restorations. Visit the Storm Center at to get the latest information on outages in the service territory, view the Outage Map and report an outage.

Outage Map - With ComEd's outage map, customers can view all outages in the ComEd service area at once and zoom in and get details on specific areas, such as the estimated restoration time & status of crews working to resolve problems. Icons are color-coded to indicate the number of customers affected by each incident. Check out the interactive map at

Outage Alerts - Need to report an outage? Text the word OUT to 26633 (ComEd) and get updates until your power is restored. Visit for more info and to sign up.



Garbage Service
Each resident is responsible for arranging their garbage pickup service with the contract hauler, Republic Services (formerly Allied Waste), by calling 847-429-7370. Garbage is picked up weekly on Tuesdays and may be placed at the curb no earlier than 6:00 p.m. on the day preceding pickup. Empty containers must be removed no later than 9:00 a.m. the day following pickup.

Garbage will not be collected on the holidays listed below. If one of these holidays falls on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, collection service will be on Wednesday during that week only.

New Years Day Labor Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving
Independence Day Christmas

The Village of Bartlett's current contract with Republic Services began on January 1, 2013 and expires on December 31, 2017. In 2013 the monthly rate for single family homes will be $20.87, multi-family homes will be $18.78 and multi-family homes with dumpsters will be $11.27. Senior citizens, age 65 and older, will be eligible to receive a 10% discount off their monthly service rate.

As part of the new contract, Allied Waste/Republic Services will provide a free garbage toter to each residence that receives curbside collection. Residents will no longer be required to purchase and provide their own garbage cans.

The new garbage toters are similar to the recycling toters residents already receive, with wheels and lids that make it easier to transport garbage to the curb while keeping litter from blowing down the streets on windy days. Residents will still be able to put garbage that does not fit within the toter out at the curb each week at no additional charge.

The contract continues all of the existing programs, including free fall leaf collection, free bulk item and white good collection, free removal of small amounts of remodeling materials, and the free Christmas tree recycling program. Republic Services yard waste bags will still be needed for weekly yard waste collection during the April 1 to November 30 yard waste season. The cost for Allied Waste/Republic Services yard waste bags will remain at $15.50 per five-bag bundle throughout the five-year length of this contract.

Beginning January 1, 2012, the disposal of computers, televisions, and other electronic devices will be banned from Illinois landfills. Under the new state law, electronic waste (E-waste) must be recycled by a registered collector, recycler and/or manufacturer.

While Republic Services will continue providing regular waste and recycling
collection, it will no longer provide curbside pickup for your electronics. The type of E-waste that will not be picked up includes: computers and monitors; printers and scanners; laptops; keyboards and mouses; fax machines; video and game consoles; TVs; cable and satellite receivers; recorders; mp3 players; DVD players and small scale servers.

Yard Waste
Yard rakings, garden material and small twigs must be placed in Republic Services yard waste bags for collection on Tuesdays. "Republic Services" bags are available at local merchants and at the Village Hall in packages of five for $15.50. Yard waste in non-Republic Servies yard waste bags will not be accepted. Republic Services WILL NOT collect filled yard waste bags that weigh more than 50 pounds. Yard waste will be collected on Republic Services' usual Tuesday collection days from April through November.

Leaf Cleanup
During the months of October and November, Republic Services will provide an unlimited leaf cleanup. It is not necessary to use an Republic Services yard waste bag. Leaves can be put in generic paper yard waste bags and set at the curb on your regular collection day. Plastic bags will not be accepted.

New recycling trucks have improved recycling service in Bartlett. Residents no longer need to separate paper from other recyclables. However, recyclable containers should be rinsed free of food, with caps/lids removed and corrugated cardboard boxes, paperboard and wet strength carrier stock boxes should be flattened.

Here is a current list of acceptable recyclables:

Paper Items Non - Paper Items
  • Newspaper and all inserts
  • Magazines & catalogues
  • Telephone directories
  • Brown paper bags
  • Junk mail -- brochures, flyers, greeting cards, advertisements, post cards, window envelopes
  • Mixed paper -- stationery, notebook paper, computer paper, typing paper, bond envelopes
  • Corrugated cardboard -- clean, without food residue
  • Paperboard (Chipboard) -- cereal boxes, pasta boxes, clothing boxes, tissue boxes
  • Wet Strength Carrier Stock -- frozen food packages, carriers for beer and soda pop
  • Gable top milk cartons
  • Juice boxes
Glass Items
  • Bottles and jars only
  • Brown, green, blue and clear glass
  • NO mirrors, drinking glasses or window glass accepted

Metal Items

  • Aluminum cans
  • Aluminum foil
  • Aluminum baking trays/pie plates
  • Steel or tin cans
  • Aerosol cans

Plastic Items

  • PET (#1) Plastic Bottles -- plastic beverage containers, 2- and 3-liter soda bottles
  • Other PET (#1) Plastic Containers -- plastic plates and trays, plastic flower pots, other #1 non-bottle shaped containers
  • HDPE (#2) Plastic Bottles -- laundry detergent, milk and water bottles, shampoo and personal care bottles. NO motor oil, anti-freeze, pool chemical or other hazardous waste containers
  • Other HDPE (#2) Plastic Containers -- margarine tubs, baby wipe containers, plastic cups, other #2 non-bottle shaped containers
  • Plastic 6- & 12-pack rings
  • NO polystyrene (#6) plastic containers or styrofoam containers, packing material or packing peanuts.

Another way to recylce is to donate to local charitable groups. Goodwill takes donations of new and gently used household items, clothing and furniture to further its mission of providing work opportunities and training for people with disabilities and disadvantages. In addition, Goodwill helps extend the useful life of unused items, and keeps those items out of a landfill.  Think of your local Goodwill Store & Donation Center as another option for recycling.

Goodwill Industries of Metropolitan Chicago
Bartlett Store & Donation Center
1420 S. IL Route 59
(630) 837-1410

Household Hazardous Waste
The Village does not collect household hazardous waste such as paint, oil, or batteries. However, DuPage County provides a comprehensive listing of recycling events and green initiatives for the immediate area.

Electronic Waste
Beginning January 1, 2012, the disposal of computers, televisions, and other electronic devices has been banned from Illinois landfills. Under the state law, electronic waste (E-waste) must be recycled by a registered collector, recycler and/or manufacturer.

While Republic Services will continue providing regular waste and recycling
collection, it will no longer provide curbside pickup for your electronics. The type of E-waste that will not be picked up includes: computers and monitors; printers and scanners; laptops; keyboards and mouses; fax machines; video and game consoles; TVs; cable and satellite receivers; recorders; mp3 players; DVD players and small scale servers.

These items must be dropped off at Registered Residential E-Waste Collection Sites. The Electronic Products and Recycling Act allows each registered collector to decide which of the covered electronic devices they choose to accept, so please call and inquire which devices they will or will not accept.

For more DuPage County locations, visit or for a complete list of registered collection sites in Illinois, visit

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, electronics are complex devices, made with a wide variety of materials, such as lead, nickel, cadmium and mercury. These components could pose a risk to human health or the environment if mismanaged at their end of life.

Additionally, the U.S. EPA has found that recycling electronics recovers valuable materials, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions, pollution reduction, energy savings, and resources conserved by extracting fewer raw materials from the Earth.


Brush Pick-up
The Village of Bartlett has a Brush Pick-up program that runs April through November. The collections begin on Monday but may take a few days to complete. Once crews have passed through the area, they will not return for any items placed out late. They will not be picked up until the next scheduled pick-up.

Beginning on 1st and 3rd Mondays: Homes located south of the Metra/Soo railroad tracks and west of Main St./S. Bartlett Road. (Area A)

Beginning 2nd and 4th Mondays: Homes located north of the Metra/Soo railroad tracks and east of Main St./S. Bartlett Road. (Area B)
Brush Collection Map

The Village of Bartlett chips brush (cut or broken branches) for residents from the beginning of April until the end of November, according to the schedules shown here. Brush pickup is one of the Village’s most popular programs from a resident participation standpoint and following a few rules will ensure speedy collection and safe working conditions for Public Works employees.

    Branches should be stacked neatly at the curb, cut ends facing the street, by the Sunday evening before collection. There are no call backs if you miss your collection day. Brush should not be left in the parkway between collection dates. Thorny bushes, logs and stumps must be stacked separately since they can cause injury to Village employees and equipment.

    * Branch Length - minimum of 2 feet long, maximum of 8 feet long. Must be less than 6 inches in diameter.
    * Brush must never be piled higher than 4 feet; this obstructs visibility for pedestrians & vehicles.
    * Small sticks and evergreen clippings should be put into yard waste bags.

    The Bartlett brush removal program is for owners of single family homes performing work themselves, on their own property; private businesses and townhouse owners with associations that do their maintenance are not eligible for brush pickup. In addition, brush generated by tree services, landscape contractors or other services procured by the homeowner are not eligible for this program.

    2014 Brush Collection Schedule
    Area A
    Area B

    April 7 & 21
    May 5 & 19
    June 2 & 16
    July 7 & 21
    Aug. 4 & 18
    Sept. 2 (Tues) &15
    Oct. 6 & 20
    Nov. 3 & 17

    April 14 & 28
    May 12 & 27 (Tues)
    June 9 & 23
    July 14 & 28
    Aug. 11 & 25
    Sept. 8 & 22
    Oct. 13 & 27
    Nov. 10 & 24

    The homeowner must arrange for removal of any contractor-generated brush at their own expense.

    Brush piles that do not adhere to chipping requirements will be tagged by Village employees. The tag will explain why the brush pile was not removed and what steps the resident needs to  take to correct the problem.

    Garden debris, such as small sticks, evergreen clippings, grass clippings, weeds, leaves, soil, rocks, boxes and bags are not brush and will not be picked up by the Village. This type of garden waste must be placed in the specially marked Republic Services bags and placed alongside your household trash and recyclables for the weekly Republic Services collection.

    If you have any additional questions regarding the Village’s brush removal program, please call Public Works at 630-837-0811


Mosquito Abatement
August 2013 - To help DuPage County residents protect themselves against West Nile virus (WNV), the DuPage County Health Department has created a Personal Protection Index (PPI) that will inform residents of the amount of WNV activity in the county, as well as prevention steps that are recommended.

The PPI provides residents with a current snapshot of WNV activity, ranging from zero to four, with zero being no activity and four announcing multiple human cases of WNV in DuPage County. The PPI will be updated every Wednesday at 3 p.m., by Health Department staff, during the surveillance season.

Learn more about DuPage County's program, "Fight the Bite," at

 To check your town for West Nile virus updates and get additional information, click on the Health Department's surveillance data at

The Northwest Mosquito Abatement District (847-537-2306), a separate taxing district, provides mosquito abatement services to northwest Cook County, including portions of Bartlett. To report standing water to the Northwest Mosquito Abatement District visit This is a quick and easy link for Bartlett residents in Cook County who get their mosquito abatement from this district. 

In DuPage County, the Village of Bartlett contracts with Clarke Mosquito (800-942-2555) to provide mosquito abatement services.Clarke Mosquito uses a four-part process to control the mosquito population.

The first part of the program is aimed at identifying mosquito breeding sites. Drainage ditches, swamps, and areas of low or standing water are mapped. The objective of this step is to define, categorize, and measure the total number of larval development sites. Clarke uses this information to plan for and monitor the larval and adult mosquito population.

The second part of the program involves surveillance and monitoring of the mosquito population. The distribution and density of mosquito species in relation to human populations are defined in order to control the threat of disease or nuisance. In many cases, brood prevention methods combined with the use of light traps measure mosquito population levels and prevent major infestations.

The third part of the program involves the control of larvae. Clarke Mosquito Control treats breeding sites to prevent the development of adult mosquitoes. The larvicides used kill mosquito larva, thereby prevent their maturation into adult mosquitoes. The larvicides used by Clarke Mosquito Control degrade rapidly, leaving no accumulation in the soil, water, or air.

The final step in Bartlett’s mosquito control program involves the control of adult mosquito populations. In cases where there are encephalitis alerts or when the nuisance factor becomes excessive, such as after a heavy rainfall that may cause new mosquito broods to hatch, Clarke Mosquito Control may use Ultra Low Volume cold aerosol misting to reduce the adult mosquito population. The need for this type of spraying is rare, because of the preventative steps taken by Clarke to control the mosquito population. The decision to spray is dependent upon the population of mosquitoes, as determined by light traps, and by resident complaints.As a result of this four-part program, there is no regular schedule for spraying.

Clarke Mosquito Control maintains a call list to inform residents when spraying will occur. If you would like to be placed on this list, please call Clarke at 1-800-942-2555.

For more information you can visit Clarke Mosquito control on the web at or the Northwest Mosquito Abatement District at


Gas Pipeline Easements
Kinder Morgan (comprised of five business segments – Natural Gas Pipelines, Products Pipelines, CO2, Terminals and Kinder Morgan Canada) is one of the largest pipeline transportation and energy storage companies in North America with approximately 37,000 miles of pipelines, including many throughout Bartlett. It transports, stores and handles energy products like natural gas, refined petroleum products, crude oil, ethanol, coal and carbon dioxide (CO2). These products are essential for generating electricity, heating homes, powering cars and much more.

Kinder Morgan relies on those living and working near our pipeline to help protect it by notifying the company regarding potential damage or right-of-way issues.

The right-of-way is the land over and around the pipeline, typically 25 feet on either side of the pipeline in which both Kinder Morgan and the landowner have a legal interest. However, to protect the pipeline from damage there are restrictions which prohibit certain usage of this area. Unauthorized uses typically include the placement of buildings or structures or the planting of trees and shrubs, which might interfere with the safe operation of the pipeline. Unauthorized use is known as encroachment.

Kinder Morgan’s right-of-way agreements are negotiated individually with each landowner; therefore, right-of-way widths and terms of agreement may vary with each individual property. A change in property ownership does not alter the right-of-way agreement. Landowners may obtain a copy of their easement agreement from their local county courthouse.

Kinder Morgan personnel make reasonable efforts to contact landowners prior to entering private property for right-of-way patrols or maintenance activities. All Kinder Morgan personnel are clearly identified as company employees.

The company appreciates your assistance with right-of-way maintenance. If you have questions about Kinder Morgan’s right-of-way or upcoming maintenance activities, submit them online at or contact your local Kinder Morgan representative, 815-272-9136.


Parkway Tree Program
July 2014 -- Through its long-running Parkway Tree Program, the Village of Bartlett has shared the cost of planting trees with homeowners and has diversified the number of species used for parkway planting. However, the program was changed last year, 2013, to better address the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infestation threatening all ash trees in Illinois. The Village will continue to reforest Bartlett’s parkways this season, once again using the revised plan.

Under part one of the plan, the Village will plant smaller diameter trees (1-inch) area by area to replace ash trees that have been removed. The type of new tree planted and its location will be determined by the Village and there will be no cost to residents.

The second part of the plan allows homeowners to participate in tree replanting. Residents who would like a tree that is larger in diameter (2-inches) can select a tree at a flat fee of $50. Residents can select the variety of tree they would like planted from the list on the Public Works Department webpage. Due to the fixed number of available trees, orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. A tree can only be ordered if the ash tree at the address has already been removed.



The "Bartletter" is published bi-monthly and delivered the first week of the even months to "Postal Customer Local" by the Post Office.

Bartlett Cable Channel
The Village has a franchise agreement with Comcast and AT&T. Information for Bartlett residents is broadcast through cable television on Comcast Channel 17 and AT&T U-Verse Channel 99.

Things You Need to Know

Driver's Licenses
Out-of-state residents have 90 days in which to obtain an Illinois driver's license by taking a written examination and a vision test. Rules of the Road books may be obtained at the Bartlett Police station or either of the following driver testing stations:

1227 E. Golf Road,
Schaumburg, 60195
(312) 793-1010
595 S. State St.,
Elgin, 60123
(847) 697-2100

Auto License Plates
New residents may call the Secretary of State's office at 1-800-252-8980 for specific information. Residents must notify the Secretary of State in writing within 10 days of moving. Address change notification cards are available at the Main Office.

RTA Passes
Application for passes are available at the Main Office for citizens 65 years or older for reduced fare on public transportation. One small 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" pictures is required. Applications are processed in Springfield and the RTA pass is sent directly to resident.

Voter Registration
Citizens of the United States who are 18 years of age or older and who have resided in the precinct for at least 30 days (before an election) may register to vote at the Main Office. Two forms of identification are required, one must show your current address on it. Naturalized citizens registering to vote must provide the name of the court, city and state, and date of naturalization. (If possible, bring your certificate.) If you have moved or had a name change, you are required to re-register to be eligible to vote.