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Community Development Department

Community Development Director: Jim Plonczynski
Assistant Community Development Director: Roberta Grill

The Community Development Department is responsible for planning, zoning, economic development, issuance of various permits, and property maintenance code enforcement issues. The eight full-time staff members handle numerous issues regarding residential, commercial, and industrial development projects, site plan reviews, comprehensive planning, bike path planning, and marketing to potential commercial and industrial developers. The department works with the Bartlett Chamber of Commerce on local business matters; educates residents in property maintenance matters; enforces subdivision, zoning, property maintenance, and sign ordinances; issues permits for signs, amplifiers and home based businesses (home occupations) . Staff works with developers within the Village’s Town Center Tax Increment Financing District, the Brewster Creek Business Park Tax Increment Financing District, the newly established Route 59 and Lake Street Tax Increment Financing District, the Bluff City Industrial Park with the Vulcan Materials underground mining operation, and the Blue Heron Business Park. The department also provides staff support to the Village Board, Economic Development Commission, Plan Commission, and the Zoning Board of Appeals.


Upcoming Public Hearings - Information & Exhibits
@ Zoning Board of Appeals -- 7/3/2014 meeting
Case #14-10 511 Orchards Pass - Fence Variation (2) (see attached plans)
Case #14-14 1313 Richmond Lane - Rear Yard Variation (see attached plans)

@ Plan Commission -- 7/10/2014 meeting
Case #14-13 The Whole Pet animal clinic - 810 S. Route 59, Special use for animal hospital (see plans)
Case #14-12 Wetlands for the Bartlett FEMA Flood Control Project, Special use (see plans)



Community Development News & Highlights

Zoned for Business
Tokyo Steakhouse II in Bartlett ILAfter extensively remodeling the former Nest Café restaurant building, Jack Tian has opened Tokyo Steakhouse II, a Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar, at 800 S. Route 59. Tian’s first Tokyo Steakhouse is in Tinley Park.

Tokyo Steakhouse II offers an extensive sushi and sashimi menu, tempura dishes and multi-course chicken, steak and seafood hibachi meals prepared for you at your tabletop grill by Teppanyaki chefs. You can also order a cocktail from the full bar to enjoy with your meal.

Hours are Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday, dinner menu only, from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. Visit the website,, or call for more information, 630-580-0168.

Stella’s Place is open at 1015 W. Stearns Road in the Stearns Crossing Shopping Center. A neighborhood friendly video-gaming café, Stella’s is a gathering place for adults who want to enjoy a light meal and gaming without having to travel to a casino.
The menu includes flatbreads, breakfast items served all day long, “lite bites,” such as soft pretzels and chicken wings, and an assortment of minis, including beef sliders, bratwursts and hoagies. Wine and beer is also available.

Stella’s is open Sunday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. with extended hours until 2 a.m. on weekends. Look for the cafe’s Facebook page under “Stellas Place Bartlett” or call 847-423-8161 for details.

Facebook Likes logo

Have you seen or “liked” the Discover Bartlett page on Facebook yet? Launched more than a year ago, the page is a quick, easy and free way for the Village to share timely information about the 340-plus businesses in Bartlett and it gives you a heads-up on coupons, promotions and even special events that are on the calendar.



Amended Commercial Vehicle Regulations
The Village of Bartlett Board of Trustees has amended the Zoning Ordinance with respect to the regulation of commercial vehicles, including those that contain equipment racks to carry commercial equipment and those that have signage and lettering on any side, front or rear of the vehicle. The amended Ordinance allows such vehicles to be parked or stored in a residential neighborhood if located within a fully enclosed garage or outside if they meet all of the following requirements:

  1. The commercial vehicle must display an “A”, “B” or “D” license plate; a commercial vehicle with a “D” license plate shall not exceed a height of eight (8) feet six (6) inches tall measured from the existing grade to the top of the vehicle roof
  1. The  commercial vehicle must be parked on a paved surface at least ten (10) feet from the side or rear property line of the zoning lot
  1. The equipment and materials stored in the bed of a pick-up or flatbed truck must be covered by a commercially manufactured bed cap, cover (e.g., Tonneau cover) or tarp; and
  1. The commercial vehicle must be owned or legally controlled by one of the owners or occupants of the residence.

This Ordinance shall expire on September 7, 2013 and will likely be reviewed for its continued effectiveness and desirability prior to this expiration date. In addition, nothing prohibits the Village Board from re-establishing all or portions of the more stringent provisions of the Bartlett Zoning Ordinance that regulated the parking of commercial vehicles in residential zoning districts prior to the adoption of this amended Ordinance. The Board can also vote to renew this amended Ordinance in whole or in part or further amend it at any time in the future.



Village Team Tracks Bartlett Foreclosures
Bartlett was not immune to the foreclosure crisis that struck the country during the recent economic recession. Though smaller percentage-wise than many areas, the number of residential properties that have been foreclosed on continues to be an issue Village-wide.

To address this concern, staff from the Village finance, community development, public works and police departments and members from the Bartlett Fire Protection District were assembled and charged with developing a system to handle these properties.

The goal of this team is to minimize the community effects identified with foreclosures which include but are not limited to the following:

~ garbage and debris remaining after the residents move out
~ utilities left on becoming dangerous and causing property damage, basement flooding or fire hazard
~ deterioration of the structure/property
~ continued maintenance of the property (i.e. tall grass in summer)
~ squatters living in abandoned homes
~ taxes and bills not paid
~ negative impact on the surrounding properties in the neighborhood

The Foreclosure Team has successfully completed a database for foreclosed properties that includes the address, parcel number, bank/lender contact information, status of utilities (i.e. water and gas shut off), property inspection report on the condition of the site and other information necessary to avert possible future problems.




The 3/50 Project
The Village of Bartlett supports the 3/50 project. Bartlett residents are encouraged to shop and dine locally when possible in order to build a stronger, sounder local economy. For more information about the 3/50 project visit         
























You Should Know

Code Enforcement
The Community Development Department includes two full-time code enforcement officers, who are responsible for enforcing property maintenance and other health and safety ordinances in the Village.