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Telephone Solicitation Alert!

Post Date:01/09/2018

Bartlett Police Department is receiving reports that the Metropolitan Alliance of Police has started its annual telemarketing solicitation of Villag residents and businesses. Many of these fundraisers may imply that the Bartlett Police Department will benefit from these donations. Be assured that the Police Department does not receive any direct benefit from these solicitations nor does it accept any proceeds from them. The Police Department does not authorize nor does it want any organization to solicit donations on its behalf. Furthermore, the decision to solicit funds through this type of telemarketing is being made by persons outside of the Bartlett community.

If a fundraiser specifically states that they represent the Bartlett Police Department, you are asked to please file a formal police report so their claim can be fully investigated. When reporting these solicitations, residents are asked to provide as much information as possible, including the name of the person calling, the name and address of the organization, and any telephone numbers provided. Illinois law requires paid fundraisers to identify themselves as such and to name the organization for which they are soliciting. The solicitations can be reported to the Bartlett Police Department by calling 630-837-0846.

The Bartlett Police Department appreciates the support of residents and business owners, but asks that if you choose to donate to an rganization you do so based on your personal preference and choice and not because you feel pressured or swayed by the implication that the money will find its way to the local police officer or police department.

To learn more about Illinois laws regarding charitable solicitations, you may also visit the Illinois Attorney General’s Office website at: