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Road Resurfacing Started the Week of May 1

Post Date:04/26/2017

Bartlett's 2017 resurfacing project started the week of May 1. The following are the streets that will be under construction with this project: the north section of Philip Drive, Walnut Hills subdivision, Eastern Avenue North to Morse, Berteau Avenue Taylor to Morse, Crest Avenue North to Taylor, Hale Avenue North to Taylor, and Morse Avenue Berteau to Prospect. These streets will be patched and resurfaced with sidewalk at intersections and curb in some areas being replaced. The following streets will require additional work: Millwood Drive, Hillside Court, Cherry Circle, and Sandalwood Court. 

UPDATE 5/19/2017 --  Paving in Walnut Hills and on Phillip Drive has been completed.

Paving will begin Monday 5/22 on the following streets:
• EASTERN AVE. (Morse to North) and the parking lot
• BERTEAU AVE. (Taylor to Morse)
• CREST AVE. (Taylor to North)
• HALE AVE. (Taylor to North)
• MORSE AVE. (Berteau to Prospect)

The Millwood area will be next to have the roadway removed. Residents will be notified the day before the work will begin. Weather will be a factor as to when the work will begin.

See Location Map

During the resurfacing, the existing asphalt pavement will be completely removed along with the stone base. This will result in not being able to access your driveway for a short amount of time. Spot replacement of curb and sidewalk will take place prior to removing the asphalt. The new asphalt pavement will consist of eight inches (8”) of stone base and four inches (4”) of asphalt in two layers. On-street parking will be restricted while construction is in progress. Please refrain from parking on the street between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. This project will be completed by July 21, 2017.

FRESH OIL signs will be put up 24 hours prior to priming of the road. This is a water-base product and will dry within an hour depending on weather conditions. Avoid driving on the road when the prime is wet, drive slowly if you need to drive on fresh prime.

CAUTION should be taken when traveling in construction zones. Extra time may be required when traveling through some areas. Cell phone use is prohibited in construction zones.

Bids were opened and read on March 13, 2017; Brothers Asphalt Paving Inc. was the low bidder. The Village Board awarded the contract to Brothers Asphalt Paving Inc. at the April 4, 2017 board meeting.

You may call Public Works for additional information or if you have special needs, 630-837-0811. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this resurfacing project.