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What Residents Did Not See at the PD Open House

Review of PD facility plans continues on 5/2

Post Date:04/17/2017
More than 900 visitors came to the Bartlett Police Department Open House on April 2 and toured the station, where police department personnel carry out their mission to “serve with care and protect with confidence.” Attendees to this annual event got a “behind-the-scenes” look at the daily work space of the 57 officers and 20 non-sworn police employees that serve Village residents. They got to see everything from the chief’s office to the shooting range to booking and lockup to the garage space that houses police squad cars and specialty vehicles.

Here are some things that visitors probably didn’t notice during the open house:
• Heating and cooling systems in need of replacement
• Air quality systems in the gun range and garage that need upgrading
• Plumbing that needs to be brought up to code
• An electrical generator and fire alarm systems that are no longer reliable
• Unsafe environmental conditions that need to be remedies, such as roof leaks and mold along a perimeter wall and in the basement

In 2015, the Village hired Williams Architects to conduct a needs assessment and review the existing condition of the police building. The needs assessment determined that the department has outgrown the building both in terms of personnel and operations and technology.

The 22,900 square foot facility was built to accommodate 40 employees back in 1990. It now holds almost twice that number employees. At the same time, the community’s population has grown dramatically, greatly increasing the demand for police services.

The replacements and repairs for the current building would cost $2,380,260 and would still leave the building undersized and outdated.

After several months of study and weighing all the information provided by Village consultants, the Board of Trustees decided to build a new police facility. Public hearings regarding the plans for the new facility were held during April’s Zoning Board of Appeals and Plan Commission meetings and on May 2 the issue will return to the Village Board Committee of the Whole for further review.

Additional information about the rationale for a new police facility, along with the full Police Facility Space Needs Analysis & Facility Evaluation & Options Study is available on the Police Department webpage.